Calendar of Events

2018 Divine Mercy Conference Moves to Fall

The first Divine Mercy Conference was held at St. Mary Star of the Sea in Oceanside. We held It in November as a reminder that Divine Mercy is more than Mercy Sunday. It was to be lived all year round.

The first 8 or 9 conferences were held a week or two before Thanksgiving. One year the place we held the conference double booked the hall and we were forced to move it into January of the following year.

As the devotion spread, we out grew the facility we were in and found the Mission San Antonio de Pala. It is an amazing place, perfect for our conference with separate rooms for confessions and bookstores.

One of the reasons we are changing back to the fall is the weather. The other is daylight savings time. Many people are nervous about driving the winding road in the dark. Therefore they would leave before the last talk. Now they will have an extra hour of daylight!  

  Speakers for the October 13th conference include Fr. Donald Calloway MIC. and Jesse Ramero lay evangelist. Both have confirmed. We are awaiting confirmation from Fr. Wade Menezes CPM of the Fathers of Mercy which should be coming in a week or two. It promises to be another exciting and spiritual conference.

For more information please check out the website at or call Joe and Carol Pallazola 619-276-6637